Best Soundproof Earmuffs for Sleeping in 2020 + Review

Once again, we’re talking about the negative effects sound can have on our bodies. Don’t get us wrong, the sound is surely one of the best things to happen to humans: we can listen to music, we can communicate to each other, we can learn how to speak and how to dance, we can sing and compose… Sounds bring joy to many people! Just recall your favorite song and you’ll get it!

But, as previously mentioned, sounds can have a negative effect on us as well. Starting out with some very simple examples of how a sound can trigger all of these negative body reactions, we’ll be setting the tone for the rest of the article: imagine hearing you’re ex’s favorite band or hearing your mother yell your full name from the kitchen downstairs.

All jokes aside, loud noises can be annoying, and they’re especially annoying to those who work in a loud environment. If you work in a store or a place where the same three tunes played over and over again, or if you work in a construction place with a lot of buzzing sounds happening, we believe that you want a peaceful at-home experience.

While you can control what you do, you cannot control if someone else (aka your neighbors or the nearby passengers) is playing music or creating noise. This is where best soundproof earmuffs for sleeping come in. 

What are soundproof earmuffs?

Well, you must know what earmuffs are! If you don’t, seriously, google it. Soundproof earmuffs are just like regular earmuffs, but they’re made from specific materials that don’t let sound in or out as much as normal ones do.

They create a sound isolation barrier between you and the „sound creator“, which is of great use most of the time. You can see an example or regular soundproof earmuffs from Amazon here.

While these do a great job, they’re not really the perfect choice for each occasion. Today we’ll be talking about something a bit more complicated: soundproof earmuffs for sleeping.

You can check out Amazon to find regular noise-canceling earmuffs and it won’t be as hard to find good ones since the reviews give you great insight, but those you use for sleep need to be of better quality and there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Why would you get soundproof earmuffs for sleeping?

There are many reasons and they depend on the person, but we’ll give you some of the more classical ones that are usually listed in e-mails we get captioned „what should I do?!“.

Some people have small kids and they want their kids to have the 10 hours of sleep they need while they’re developing. However, there are always those neighbors that are suddenly doing huge renovations, having a party, moving furniture around and so on.

That’s where soundproof earmuffs come in handy: you can use them for yourself, but for your kids as well! If you’re the type of person to sleep very lightly, all sorts of noises can be annoying and wake you up.

Doesn’t matter if you’re sleeping during the night or having a nap during the day, vehicles, traffic, music, talking and even movement can wake you up.

Many people don’t think about this, but there is another really important reason why some people get soundproof earmuffs for sleeping: medical issues. Some people have a medical history that predicts a hearing loss, but everyone can lose hearing, really.

If you’re already noticing that you have difficulties hearing others, if your ears hurt, if you have a ringing sensation or some sounds seem muffled to you, you may be the one to lose hearing in future (although we hope you won’t).

Isolating some sounds from yourself is an important thing to do to preserve your ears. Avoiding concerts and loud events sadly come in the package as well!

There are so many things you do that can hurt your ears or just be very annoying: mowing the lawn, blowing leaves, fixing stuff around the house with electrical tools… Just get the earmuffs and protect your ears, unless you don’t want to make sure you won’t hear any of the screaming your future grandchildren will make!

best noise-canceling earmuffs

What types of noise-canceling earmuffs are there?

Believe it or not, there’s a whole science surrounding earmuffs (feel free to take a shot each time we say earmuffs). There are passive and electronic ones.

The passive ones feature cups which surround your ear. They fit snuggly and therefore protect the whole ear. You won’t be able to hear anything.

The electronic earmuffs are a bit more expensive. They don’t cancel noise, they just make everything quieter. The trick is that they notice how loud things are then they know how much they need to lower down each frequency. If you can’t live in total silence, these are probably the one to get.

What do I need to know when buying?

Although things like these often come down to personal preference, there are some specific things you will need to keep an eye (or an ear) on.

The Noise Reduction Rating

This is a number that tells you „how much sound you’re blocking“. Without getting into too much physics (because we tend to do that in our posts, just check out the soundproof curtains one and you’ll feel happy about this summarized version), the number is somewhere between 10 and 31 for each model. The higher the number is, the better the noise isolation.


This is a tricky one since you can’t really feel the earmuffs in person if you’re buying online, but there are some general tricks that you may want to remember. Avoid „shiny“ materials. They usually create squeaky sounds and feel cold. Make sure the cups are big enough to fit your whole ear without squishing it. Avoid regular earplugs, they are less comfortable because they can be „pushed into your ear“.


Make sure to check out the reviews and to see if people are annoyed with the wires that come along. For some reason, some wires get „rolled up“ easily, while some remain nice and flat, no knots. It is really up to you to check that out. Also, harmful chemicals should be avoided at all costs.

Best Soundproof Earmuffs in 2020 (Reviews)

By saying a bit about the overall experience, you have got a general idea and now would be a great time to actually show you some examples of good earmuffs for sleeping!

We’re going to be talking about products from Amazon, which we have previously analyzed, and we’ll be telling you the important stuff. However, we always advise you to thoroughly check out the reviews and see if anyone has had a specific experience that may talk to you!

1. Dr.meter Kids Protective Earmuffs


These are your very typical earmuffs in bright colors. These have phenomenal reviews and you can check them out to see more, but we’re talking about a fantastic price vs. quality ratio.  These cost only 10 dollars and you’ll see that they’re as high quality as you need.

Check out the dimensions on the page itself to see do they fit you. They have 27 NRR factor which is fantastic, they are comfortable, can be rotated and adjusted as well. You’ll notice in the review pictures that they actually look quite big and you’ll have to take into account if they are for you or your kid. Altogether, very solid.

2. HearTek  Earmuffs


If you’re looking for a something just a tiny bit more luxury than the previous one, these are your go-to option from now on. They’re 15$, which is only 5$ more expensive than the previous ones, but these come in many colors and they’re „made for adults“.

Bear in mind that there is no such thing as „made for adults“ when speaking about earmuffs, so you can generally get any model you saw on the internet if it isn’t too small. These are also foldable, which makes them a great travel companion!

They have the same NRR factor as the previous model, 27, but they’re more durable and well padded as well! You can adjust them so they fit perfectly!

2. FS Professional Earmuffs


These, on the contrary, are much more luxury than the previous two choices. These extra soft pads will be very comfortable and light on your ear, while the headband can be perfectly fitted.

You’ll see that the NRR factor of these is 31, which is the maximum that’s heavily reachable, and that’s the reason their price is also heavily payable. However, these are perfect if you need something very durable and you’re ready to invest in your health.

4. Hearing Protection Earmuffs 

Hearing Protection Earmuffs

Now we’re talking about the „kids earmuffs” again, but don’t let that fool you, just check out the sizing and you’re good to go. The price of this is very appealing, especially after seeing the previous model.

The padding looks very nice, the ergonomic headband as well and it seems like the colors are also a great choice for kids and adults, but the one thing that confuses us is that the seller claims these have an NRR of 34, which is sort of not possible. We’re not sure if they meant to say 24 or something else, but the people do say that these block all sounds well!

Pro For Sho 34dB Safety Ear Protection

5. Pro For Sho 34dB

These claim the same things as the previous ones, so we’re not sure if the companies are using this as a marketing trick, but these do seem to block out all sounds, according to the 4700 reviews that the product has.

You can get these in many colors for 17$ only, which seems to be a great deal. They are made from plastic and also come in different sizes, which is a great plus. You can adjust them and fold them. Many people believe that this is possibly the best one they have found on the internet and we’ll have to believe them!


BBTKCARE Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are a bit more special than the previously mentioned ones since they are made especially for babies. These headphones will put zero pressure on your baby and they are very light. You can adjust them according to the baby’s age and the soft padded design will make it feel like you bought your kid a new cushion!

This is a great baby shower gift for sure since it will make the baby sleep easier and therefore make the parents happier!

The price of 19$ seems very logical to us, and you can also choose from more colors if that’s what you like.

7. HearTek Safety Ear Muffs Adjustable

HearTek Safety Ear Muffs Adjustable

Ah, you know us, we had to give you some crazy designs to play with as well. This was possibly the funniest one we’ve found: these are earmuffs with the American flag on it. If you’re bothered by politics, say no more, just put these on!

The 13$ price tag seems just fine to us since the NRR factor is 27! They are well padded, stylish (obviously), but you can also get regular colors (not fun at all). Easily adjust the earmuffs for a perfect experience!

8. ClearArmor 141001

ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Hearing Protection

Last, but certainly not least, we saved the best for last. These are Amazon’s favorite earmuffs. These work perfectly even for people who have jobs where they use guns! You will notice that the folding design makes it very easy to be carried around (the earmuffs, not the guns!).

These fit most head sizes and are very lightweight with soft padding that will last you a long time. They seem to look a bit more industrial than the rest, but they do a great job at noise canceling. These seem to block sounds at 125dB for short periods and sounds at 85 dB for long ones.

Seems great to us!


Sound isolating earmuffs are a great investment. They’re probably the cheapest audio isolating equipment you’ll ever buy. If you’re bothered by your neighbors, traffic or you want your kids to sleep peacefully, this is a great investment.

It’s much easier and cheaper than installing audio isolating foam all-around your house… Also, much more portable. If you have a temporary issue with something loud (or you get in contact with a loud noise during work only), buy sound-isolating earmuffs and spare yourself the sickness that could easily happen to your ears. We’re sure you want to keep listening to your favorite band!

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