How to Sound Deaden a Car Cheap

Looking for the best cheapest car deadening material without spending a fortune, you are in the right place!

Most of us have a car. Nowadays, it’s really hard to live without a vehicle, really. We need to attend our daily jobs, go to school or college, go to the town to get some shopping done… Most of the things we need to take care of require driving and since there are usually a lot of people that have to move around at the same time, some families have up to three cars. You can do the math yourself.

However, there is an issue with the fact that we all have cars. Don’t worry, we won’t be talking about the ecosystem or the whales dying or anything like that (although we advise you to get rid of plastic stuff, folks). We’re talking about traffic. Traffic can get horribly awkward and boring once you get stuck in it.

Some of us are forced to stay in one place for a bunch of time and also need to listen to all of the stuff coming from the outside: angry drivers, construction workers, stereos… There are so many horrific situations when we’re just sitting in our car, at 30°C and waiting for the car in front of us to move for another 20 cm…

Each and every car is creating sounds and vibrations: that’s how movement works, you can’t really help it. However, you can minimize the noise in most situations. We will talk about how to sound deaden a car cheap.

We are going to explain to you how to fix this situation (without blasting your music on max volume and annoying the rest of the drivers, don’t be that guy): you have to soundproof your car.  Once again, we’re talking about a big number of things you can do, and we’ll advise you how to do each one of them.


Do I have to do all of these?

We’ll talk about a few different things you can do and you can choose one and do it. Will it fix the situation or not? We don’t know. We’re not familiar with your car, the noise that bothers you, the product you decided to buy (although we do recommend products that we have analyzed in the article) or the method you went for.

What you really need to do is do one by one and you’ll see how far you need to go. Some people do one thing and it makes a drastic change, while others do everything and ends up with nothing. That’s when you realize that you should probably buy a new car since this one is obviously paper thin.

Let’s get into a bit of science. No extremely long terms, we promise.

How does cheapest deadening soundproofing work?

The sound is a mechanical wave that travels through the air. It’s not really a typical wave like a water wave since it has many other attributes water waves don’t, but you can imagine it that way.

It’s a bunch of particles oscillating in a particular direction, spreading energy while they’re oscillating. This is why you hear a sound: it is being transferred with the energy. Fantastic, right?

Waves can also do this thing called diffraction, which answers the question: how can I hear someone from another room speaking? We advise you to Google a famous beach in Tel Aviv to see what diffraction looks like on water waves. Just type in „Tel Aviv beach water diffraction“.

Diffraction is a thing that could basically be described just by saying: waves spread in width as well as in distance. You need to understand that they don’t just move like rays you would see in a laser. They spread everywhere and they can „avoid“ objects.

That’s why setting something between you and the speaker won’t help too much: the sound will still find the way through the little gaps. Needless to say, you will need to pay attention to each and every gap in your car.

However, the intensity of a wave can be made smaller: if a wave goes through a large mass, it loses intensity. Keep this in mind when we’ll speak about soundproofing. You’ll see those dense things often have large masses and that’s what helps in the isolation.

Basically, what we want to create is a sound barrier: we need things that are dense enough, heavy enough and big enough to do the job. Let’s talk about them category by category. We’ll have to go through each surface individually because each surface lets sound through in a different way.

Why would you sound deaden a car?

There are numerous reasons, but we can split them into two categories: you don’t want the sound to be coming in and the sound to be coming out. Once you soundproof your car, you are avoiding both situations, so it’s a 2in1 thing, really.

If you’re a part of the one mentioned first, you’re probably just annoyed by other drivers, noises, construction work going on… Maybe you have to slow down at the same stop each day and listen to the same things all over again: the same sounds and people. It can get annoying, yeah.

If you don’t like the sound to be coming out: you’re either being naughty or considerate. We’re not judging you, don’t worry. Whichever one you are, it’s nice that you’re thinking of getting sound isolating materials in your car: not everyone has to listen to the music that you like!


Methods we’ll mention

We will be mentioning three different methods (and giving you some extra advice at the end): soundproofing your floor, your door and your windows (gaps).

People usually decide to go for the cheapest one and then they see if it helps. If it does, all good, if it doesn’t, you move on to the second cheapest option. It’s a good method, really. If you have enough cash to do all of the mentioned methods, we highly encourage you to do so.

Soundproof – deaden mats

Believe it or not, your car’s floor is letting out sounds as well. Most people forget about that because they focus on „the big parts“ of your car (the doors, the windows and so on), but they are all equally as important! Don’t forget that!

So, how can you soundproof your floor? The most popular method is getting a soundproof floor mat. You can also get pads and foam, but we’re thinking that deadening mats are the best option. The thing is, you can’t really put a bunch of isolation pads and thick surfaces, especially on the part with the gas and the brakes. You need to be considerate of the amount of space you usually use in the car.

We’re thinking that these Noice mats on Amazon are probably your best choice. It’s the best quality vs. price ratio you can find in this category. The pads are 35sqft big and they’re very practical because they are self-adhesive.

You just peel the background off and put them on the floor. They won’t move around and annoy you! They’re really thin and you won’t even feel that there’s extra deadening material on the floor, but you will surely feel the effect. This product has 600 reviews and the average rating is 4.8 stars! That’s absolutely fantastic.

A lot of people ask us can they put stuff over their sound isolation pads/mats. Of course, you can! Why wouldn’t you? You can still put regular rugs and mats over these if you have a preference and you’re really used to that one 10-year-old mat you bought in Spain.

There is another kind of soundproof mats which have reflective insulation. These are a bit more special. We wouldn’t advise you to go for this because most people find the first option good enough and these are much more expensive.

However, if you think that you need something really heavy-duty, these are surely the way to go. The ones we find best are these $90 mats from Amazon, made by  US Energy Products. Make sure to pay attention to dimensions of the products you’re buying: you want to be able to move freely at all times.

These will work really good as thermal isolation as well. Cold air won’t enter easily, but warm weather won’t exit easily as well. You’ll have to give this a second thought during really hot summer months.

You apply these to the floor, but they’re not adhesive. You’ll need to glue them yourself and also cut them to fit your car! This is a bit more work, but a handyman can do a really good job.


Soundproofing car doors

A lot of people think that you can soundproof a car door easily: you just stick sound isolation pads on them and that’s it. Well, that does work… But is it practical? Not really. You’ll be using those doors really often and the chance that the pads will just roll off is actually really significant.

The real sound isolation technique that needs to be applied here is the one where you actually take of the first layer of your car door and put the isolation there! Yeah, the screws and all of that stuff need to come out… We weren’t thrilled to see that either.

You’ll apply the foam to cover the area inside of the door. What do you need to keep in mind? More layers will give you a better result, but you shouldn’t put too much extra weight on your car doors because they’ll end up breaking or something similar.

You don’t need the foam to be adhesive, but you need to make sure that it won’t move around when you put the layer back on!

You’re probably wondering what foam are we thinking off, and we made sure to do a bit of research and find the best bang for your buck. We have found a few choices and we think that this is the best one since you’re getting small pieces you can arrange and cut: this is the 24 piece package.

On the other side, these are also looking really good when it comes to reviews so you can check out these sound absorbing pieces by Foamily (we love the name).

Some people have asked us if putting isolation mats mentioned for the floors helps. It does, but you should layer them. This is a good choice if you have some extra laying around from the „floor work“ you did when you isolated the bottom of your car.

Use sound isolating adhesives on your window

If you have had your car for a long time now, you may have noticed that there are really small gaps and cracks around certain edges. It’s normal. The „wear and tear“ portion of a car cannot be stopped.

We already mentioned that sound loves to spread around through air because it reaches maximum speed there. Therefore, any gaps you have may be the perfect opportunity for the sound to travel in/out.

To stop this, you need to put some adhesive. The pros: the adhesive is very cheap and you can apply it in minutes. The cons: it doesn’t look pretty once it is applied and, how the hell am I going to be able to see where the cracks are?!

Well, if you see visible gaps, you should go for this method. If you don’t, you can give it a shot anyway and just put these near the edges. Most people find the look to be ugly, though, and they don’t end up doing it.

You can check this adhesive from Amazon out. It’s got the best reviews in this category and the price is very appealing as well! These are usually used for doors, but we were a bit creative.

Alternatives that help, but don’t really fix the situation

You could get a new stereo, you know? If no one is thinking about you, why should you be thinking about them? We know that this isn’t the right way to go through life, but if you like music, turn the volume up and enjoy it.

Installing a new stereo system can help because the bass often acts as white noise and you won’t be annoyed by the outside sounds as much. However, you do understand that this is not a solution? You can’t just turn up the music every time something is happening… This is a good solution for temporary issues, though.

What if I’m bothered by the sounds of my own car?

Do you have that 30-year-old car your grandpa gave you and, although it roars and doesn’t really work that well, you can’t leave it sitting in the garage? We know we have one. I love old-timers.

The thing is, there are many things that can go wrong with your car’s motor (and all the other parts as well). You may be annoyed by your own vehicle and that can be really hard to fix.

Well, the first thing you need to do is locate the sound. If the sound is coming from something mechanical, you will need to pay a visit to your local car service. If the sound is coming from the car movement, then we got your back.

If you have large tires, you can change them to small ones. Smaller surfaces create sounds of lower intensity. This will surely help, but will it fix the situation? If your car is still very loud, then you probably have an issue outside of the „tire area“.

Go get your car checked, guys. Safety first!


Your car is making noises, the people around you are making noises, you are making noises… Noises everywhere. Soundproofing really comes in handy when you want to get that morning meditation done, but the construction workers near you are trying to mess with your aura!

All jokes aside, soundproofing is actually quite a science. You can soundproof your doors with foams and mats, you can soundproof your floors with pads, mats, and foams, you can soundproof the windows with adhesives (soundproofing curtains would do a great job, but do you really want to put curtains on your car windows)…

You will have to choose the method and just go for it. There is no other way to see if it works for you. If the sound is created by your car, you should first check it out at a professional service, and if that doesn’t work, you should get your tires changed.

Enjoy your peaceful days, folks.

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